Local Info

Puerto del Carmen is located on the south-east side of Lanzarote and is among the most important tourist spots on the island. There are more than 6km of beaches protected from the trade winds (Grande Beach, Los Pocillos and Matagorda being the most extensive), and a wide variety of hotels.

Puerto del Carmen has a full range of services and numerous entertainment centres located along the expansive Las Playas Avenue: stores, shopping centres, restaurants and bars, recreational centres, pubs, discos and in general a vibrant nightlife.

As well, you can enjoy all kinds of sports activities: windsurfing, marine excursions, deep sea fishing, scuba diving.

Without a doubt, Puerto del Carmen is the destination “par excellence” in Lanzarote for party goers since it’s the place on the island with the highest concentration of bars, pubs and discos. Around Varadero and along Las Playas Avenue you’ll find something to suit every taste.

As well, there are places offering live music, shows, bar lounges on the beach… if you want to go out on the town in Lanzarote, don’t miss Puerto del Carmen.

Among the major events that take place in Puerto del Carmen are the Carnival Parade (February), Ironman (May), Puerto del Carmen Triathlon – qualifier for the Spanish Championship (June), Festival of Our Lady of Carmen (end of July), and tennis championships at both Fariones Sports Club and Match Point Club.